Art isn’t easy, as the song goes, and the starving artist mindset runs deep. Learning to honor yourself as a craftsman AND a businessperson can be a tricky dance to master… Pricing, Marketing, Accounting, Presentation, Branding, Mindset… So many hats to juggle all while keeping the creative fires burning. Whether you’re a full-time creative or a wanna-be part-timer with big dreams, if you can bring the discipline of your craft studio to the business table, there is a way forward, out of the chaos, towards building a sustainable business that will feed your soul and your family. This is the way forward.

To know the road ahead,
ask those coming back

~Chinese Proverb


Imitation, Flattery & Dancing on the Edge

I suppose it was inevitable, and in that odd, timeless sort of…
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30 Years

30 years ago - more than half my life - I sat getting ready to…

Wonder Woman? or Ant Man?

So what is it with New Beginnings?They're supposed to make you…

The way forward.

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